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She was 5’3”. Five feet and three inches of pure woman; only sixteen but with a woman’s class, regardless.

The best part was that she loved me. I wasn’t some screwed up guy with a screwed up past; I did well in school and she liked that. My stride and my strive to do well for myself. The swag? Well, that was more on the side. Natural. I didn’t even have to try.

I was good to her. Kicked it on the weekends. Helped her with her homework… particularly math.

Divide the legs.

At least, I tried. Even though we were nearing our anniversary, eight whole months, she still wasn’t ready. But I kept on, persistent, kept steady on my attempts to get inside of her… but she never let me.

Things got heavy. We seemed to argue about everything then. I told her I loved her, assured her, but she just accused me of telling her that just to get her in bed. Which wasn’t 100% correct…

And then she came along. A new girl with legs so long, they could go on for miles. Hair and makeup done, just my type and I was feelin’ her style. It was only a short while before we hit it off and she let her walls down. Invited me in. She even let me finish inside of her; money shot and I was in it to win it. So I did.

But winning this girl’s virginity cost me mine… and that’s when I remembered that I already had a woman. And here I was, fucking some other girl on the side.

I had a beautiful rose of a woman at home, gorgeous and untouched… and I traded her in for a little girl’s sugar rush.

I knew what was going to happen next.

My guilt got the best of me and I confessed. I cheated. Saw the tears rolling down her beautiful face.

How come I never noticed how high her cheekbones were? Facial structure so stunning it could stop any man dead in his tracks.

Cheekbones. I realized then that I would never get to see hers flush with the sweet love I could’ve given her if I’d just been patient… you know, while I was making love to her. Not fucking her. Not like that other girl; we were just having sex. There was no love. Just sweat.

Here she was, the love of my life, this gorgeous lady that I knew I’d never get to touch… or love, ever again. A girl that I’d never forget.

All for the sake of getting my dick wet.

Right then and there, my heart shattered into a million pieces.

She had every reason to leave me, and she did… but I still couldn’t believe it.

All I have left of my heart are these fragments; she took the rest with her unknowingly. Fragments glinting with the reflection of her leaving, back turned and walking away. Gave her away for the affections of some girl I didn’t even care for.

They say that good things come to those who wait… but what about the people that couldn’t?

I haven’t seen her since that day.

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