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     Get inside of me.

Get inside of my mind and my heart and get lost in my restless thoughts, dreams and desires.

     Give it to me.

Everything. I’ve given you my heart, access to my mind and body and now I’d like yours in return.


Explore the darkest depths of my very soul; grasp the concepts that make me whole.

     Give me (your) head (and it’s inner depths) as I lay back and enjoy your (word of) mouth (and as I) probe (your mind) inside and out.

Forget making love, I just want to (mind)fuck.

     Take your sweet time, baby.

Get to know me and take as much time as you need, not to know of me but to know all about me. I want you to see all sides of me: fully clothed and fully… well, I’ve got nothing to hide from you. You already have all of me: mind, body and soul.

     And when I’m done, it’s your turn to fill me up.

Fill me up with your dreams and aspirations, your love and loyalty. I want to feel you inside of me… as in I want to have your presence warming my arteries. I’ll keep you safe, like a present to my heart presently. Craving you, physically and emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I love you… but I also enjoy (tho)roughly (mind)fucking you.

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