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If things were different

You did me wrong. I grew hate in my heart in place of the love I used to have for you. Told myself that I’d never forgive you, and a future friendship between us was something that I’d never look into.

So we went our separate ways.

Weeks passed. Then months.


We grew older.
My wall of ice slowly melted away and I withdrew my could shoulder. Time matured me like fine wine, and soon enough I realized that this hatred was of the junior high variety. I got over it and obtained the mindset of “upperclassmen” society. Try me. I wanted things to change between us, because I wasn’t sure how to stay sane if everything just stayed the same. I was so over this game called “hate.”

Didn’t you hear? I’m done with this beef between us. I’ve recently gone vegetarian. I want you back in my life; my ex homie, lover and friend.

Not as a significant other but maybe, just maybe we could start over again. You know, get reacquianted. Wish our friendship didn’t die, wish our breakup never stained it. I’m not asking you to get back with me, because it’s obvious that love would never work between us. That’s simply past bullshit.

I simply want you back in my life, as a friend. We’ve been through way more than anyone could ever understand together to just let the connection between us end.

Dear ex boyfriend, please believe that the times we used to kick it were times well-spent, regardless of the broken home of a relationship we used to have and how we could never seem to pay the rent. I ain’t asking you for a second chance… I’m asking if we could ever be friends again.

We ended on bad terms, but from those bad terms, I’ve learned.
I’ve also recently heard that you wanted me back in your life too.

Please consider it.

If only things were different.

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