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Once upon a time…

There was a time when the sensation in my chest burned with passion, not fire… and before you fire questions of doubt, there is indeed a difference. I suppose back then, things were a little different. For instance, I was in love. Foolish, childish me, and to think that I believed that he loved me too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me he was thinking of; it was she… she, the one who lead him to betray me. Lured him in with sweet kisses and nice things. For instance, her goodies. You know, the sweet candy that a gal should never let a man taste until they’re married. Note the “they’re,” they are, not she is. But of course, she was too disrespectful and oblivious to know the difference. All it took was one kiss.

He was hooked.

I suppose one would call it “house wrecking” opposed to “home wrecking.” The house I had built in my heart was where he had lived, but he was never in. Always out and about, most definitely getting it in with some other chick.

How could you call a house a home when you’re always alone?

But that is aside from the point. She snagged him, and he got away. The one relationship that instigated my very first heartbreak, and the mistake that he never should have made. I was a great catch, I know that: classy and sweet… but he valued her more than me, or rather the fact that he simply wanted to get laid.

So there. I present you with my short tale: the story of a girl and a pathetic betrayal.

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