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The Game.

He constantly talks about all of the different girls he’s kissed, screwed, hooked up with, gotten drunk with that weekend. He always has some promiscuous story for me once we get back to school.

I asked him, “How many girls have you fucked? God.”
He said, “I honestly don’t remember anymore.”

I always told him that it’s nothing to be proud of, that he’s already screwed up his reputation at his old school, & not to do it here. But he’s always got this sly smile on his face, like, Don’t worry about it, I got this.

But whenever he talks about a certain ex girlfriend of his, everything changes. I don’t know if it’s his tone, or the look on his face, but he doesn’t seem so nonchalant anymore.

I asked him, “Well, how do you feel about her?”
He replied, “I still love her.”
I asked him, “How is she doing now?”
He replied, “We don’t talk anymore..”
& tears started welling up in his eyes.

I hugged him, told him, “I’m so sorry.”
Told him “Everything is going to be okay, I’m sure she still loves you too.”

He said, “You don’t understand. I want to give her the world, but I can’t prove that to her anymore. I want to give her my everything. But I fucked up, & the only thing she’s giving me is what I deserve… & what she deserves is so much better.”

I didn’t know what to reply to that, so I sat there & hugged him in silence. If he really messed up that bad, then he was right.

After a while, he said, “Ever wonder why I always have so many different girls?”
I looked at him with a confused look on my face & asked, “Why?”
He replied, “Because I thought they’d help me get over her. They still don’t, they never did, & I probably never will.”

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