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Maybe I’m selfish.

I crave your company while you’re away, & your absence is almost synonymous to sheer disappointment, no matter what circumstances they’re under. You’re on my mind for forty whole minutes during each fifty-seven minute class period six times a day; the other seventeen minutes of class is spent attempting to focus in order to maintain my grades, keep them decent enough so I’ll be able to see you more often. Your calls are what I patiently wait for at night; without those conversations, I never sleep well, and I feel exhausted in the morning. Whenever we’re in the same room, I want you no further than a five foot radius from where I am. Scratch that. It’s almost like I always want you within arms reach of me, because all I ever want to do when I’m around you is hold your hand or hold you close.

It’s almost irritating how much I want to be around you all the time, how much I like it when you kiss me on the cheek, or how much I feel like I need you here with me when I know for a fact that you can’t be. I hate feeling so sprung on you; it almost gets on my nerves. How is it possible that I can’t function a single day without the thought of you crossing my mind?

Maybe I’m selfish.

Sometimes, I feel like telling you to get the hell out of my head.
But at the same exact time, I kind of love having you there.

I want you to myself, I can’t help it.

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