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A wise man once said that anything too unequally distributed would cause one part of it to be crushed under the weight of another. I suppose that is why people refer to their lives or situations as “walking on eggshells” or something or other, because the impact of the slightest thing could destroy everything they’ve ever built. Now, I believed in the all-knowing mother of human nature, but I never had the courage to trust her. I was hesitant and often disoriented about my next move at all times, like failure was laminated onto my sleeve, permanently. I was always scared about what I should do, and approached everything in the world quite diffidently. My world consisted of always searching for a way to keep it at the perfect balance: so that the fear never had a chance to take over and on my own, I could manage. To put it quite simply, I just wanted things neutralized with a sense of centrality. People just laughed and claimed that I was the girl with a mind that far too often utilized imagery. You know, hopes too high and dreams, dreamt too vividly. But, nah. I just desire a focal point: a place to begin with my world and everything in it working around me in harmony. In truth, I’m just another girl searching for that perfect form of symmetry.

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