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"Spit me a flow."

You tell me that I’m the classiest woman you’ve ever seen, and I ain’t arguing. I ain’t taking credit, either, but the way you said it was just so serene that it might’ve been the most genuine thing to fall upon these doubtful ears of mine. My ears are ringin’ with the sound of your voice beating on my ear drums, droppin’ a beat so sick I actually might start believin’ that you’re the one. A lover? Takes one to know one, but it takes two to make love. Ahah, I’m just playing, we don’t gotta hit the sheets just yet because I’d rather spend our time in these early months conversing; making love to your mind. Let down my walls and swap stories, get to know your type of grind. Like coffee beans, well grounded with a hint of caffeine; share a relationship so hyper minus the light speed that it would make a kid on ADD seem like a dream. Okay, I know, that was kind of corny but the way you speak so sweet is making me a little… lightheaded. Ell-oh-ell, catch that? Rewind and remix; go ahead and scratch that. Switch up the verses, turn up the treble and now I’m handing over the mic to the next MC. You’ve heard the best or at least the corniest of me, now it’s your turn [to turn the tables].

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