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Traces of blue

Like the ocean clashing with the moonlit sky, her skin was pale as milk and a deep indigo seemed to glimmer underneath; rivers of veins, traces of rain where the blue crept onto the white. Those eyes, so pure and innocent like orbs of compassion… until the fire behind them no longer glowed with warmth but burned with hate.

Uncontrollable hate, but simmered down by the heavy rains of love. This so-called Love, which spilled from the tear ducts of her eyes. Love, which made it’s way down her cheeks and fell onto her thighs. Love that warmed her cold bones but stung like poison. Love that made her tired.

Those eyes, so black and empty. No longer holding the comfort of a home but the vacancy of an empty house. Her presence, her essence seemed to have escaped from the empty shell that was her body, and this Love was only continuing to waste her away.

He told her that he would change, he would keep her safe but that didn’t protect her from all those nights when the ocean popped vessels and arteries within, making puddles of blueish-purple all over her skin. He told her that he loved her, and that he always would but it was never enough to deafen the sound of crunching bones or calm the tremors through her body that constantly shook.

He could hear her sobbing from the other room each night, but his drunken stupor turned the sound into bad dreams that he wouldn’t remember in the morning.

And then he would tell her that he loved her again, and everything would suddenly be okay. And those black orbs that were her eyes with hate hidden deep inside would calm themselves, but she wouldn’t say a word… because this Love that made everything okay also managed to take her voice away.

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