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Open water.

The sun sets, and the honeymoon is gone. I’m too far out into this sea that it’s too late to stop. Sailing, for a while, before it turns into this fight for survival.

The waves start crashing on the deck of my (relation)ship. Bombarded with the cannons that are these arguments, planks of the foundation being ripped from this wicked water entanglement.

I used to be swimming in his love and now I’m drowning; shut my eyes as the warning alarm begins sounding. Gasping for air as my ship begins sinking, holding on for dear life to the sails as my lungs start filling.

These same waves that used to carry me are now pulling me. Feel every crash of cold water so vividly; every rush, every rip is killin’ me.

What happened? All he did was snap and, all of a sudden, the walls of my (relation)ship started breaking. When did love-making become heart-breaking? The love I used to bathe in has turned into blood. I wish I could save it, but I don’t think I ever could. It’s far too late for reconsideration, re-thinking.

We’re already sinking.

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